Taking the stage by storm

Where everyone from his peers, to his family, all waited in the wings for his star to shine on the rugby field, Li’i (Lee-ee) Alaimoana always knew that his dream was doing something else. Not exactly what his parents had in mind, but the New Zealand born Samoan took no more than five years to finally shine his star for everyone: Performing stand-up comedy.

Having performed in front of audiences from all walks of life, being able to entertain the masses successfully has always been the ultimate goal for Li’i. From the age of seven, he always yearned to be that one person on stage with a mic in hand, making thousands of people laugh with relatable stories and quick wit… Just like that first special he saw: Eddie Murphy’s ‘Delirious!’ “I don’t know how well a show like that would go down in front of an audience of today’s people, but at that very moment, when I was seven, that special on television took me to another place. The stories were relatable, with myself being Samoan, and the laughter drew me in to this incredible world.”

From then, Li’i became addicted to watching stand-up comedy on television growing up. He recalls seeing comedians from the U.S, in particularly George Wallace, Bernie Mac, and the Def Comedy Jam, and thinking to himself that you had to be on the other side of the world to be great at comedy. That was until one day by accident, he came across ‘The Topp Twins’ of New Zealand, and he saw them add live music to their routines… The exuberant and hilarious comedy duo won him over. The girls had opened up a world where his love for comedy and music merged.
Fast forward decades later, and after finally having the courage to stand on stage and perform, the 2017 Billy T Award Nominee has taken his birth country of New Zealand by storm. Li’i is known for his knack of winning crowds over and luring them in with his charismatic charm, only for his personal anecdotes and his musical comedy to knock you down and leave you gasping for air and wanting more.

Media Release

Hailing from the windy capital of New Zealand, Li'i Alaimoana is a stand-up comedian who's a star in the making, and touring Australia for the first time with his Critically acclaimed 2019 New Zealand International Comedy Show, "SeriousLi'i?"
The New Zealand born Samoan takes lessons learned in his very short career and puts them into practice during this hilarious hour of non-stop laughs. The 2017 Billy T Award Nominee brushes through his life with a fine-tooth comb and his acoustic guitar, where truths about being a son, being a husband, being a father - heck, even being in the kitchen of the first house party he ever attended as a teenager, all come to light in a show where critics have questioned why he isn't on television, and why his wife gets to look after his kids while he's touring Australia.


Although busy with so much already, 2020 will be the fourth year that Li’i has volunteered as the MC for the Wellington, NZ, Relay for Life – run by the Cancer Society. The event runs for almost 18 hours, and accounts for hundreds of volunteers and thousands of participants. “I think there has to be at least 1 out of 2 people whom have been impacted by Cancer in one way or another. Even to this day, I know people in my life that fight it, or have found peace in the afterlife after fighting it, and it pains me… It pains everyone. So, giving my time to host the event was always about respecting everyone who has been affected by it, and everyone that continues to fight it. It’s my way of giving back to the memories of so many people I love, by keeping the spirits of everyone involved high, and full of positive energy!”


11 July
The Charles Hotel
Perth, Australia
18 July
Rhino Room
Adelaide, Australia
22-27 July
The Butterfly Club
Melbourne, Australia
28 July
The Giant Dwarf
Sydney, Australia
4 August
The Paddo Tavern
Brisbane, Australia
15 August
San Francisco Bath House